Stainless steel gas push springs

Stainless steel gas push springs, an excellent choice when it comes to a reliable gas spring that should absorb pressure time and again at the right moment. When it comes to the right supplier, T-Technics in Hengelo, the Netherlands, with an experience that exceeds thirty years is the right provider for you. We will gladly convince you. As experts we deliver a total package of gas springs. Please read all about this on our website.

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Stainless steel gas push springs

By “extending” the combination of piston rod and cylinder tube, we can realise each progression. Our stainless steel gas push springs can also be recharged enabling an increase or even reduction of the extension force (by means of a special valve). Furthermore with oil we can adjust the needed end position damping. T-Technics makes this possible.

Besides our stainless steel gas push springs we also offer an extensive range of other gas springs. Please download the complete gas springs documentation of T-Technics here. Naturally we are continuously moving forward with our developments. Please also enquire about our latest products such as:

Please visit our website for your stainless steel gas push springs where you will find all the information you need. T-Technics will gladly be of assistance. Please contact us. We are ready to be of service with expert advice. Also enquire about our custom-made gas springs. Of course you are also very welcome to visit our premises in Hengelo, the Netherlands where you can find us here.

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