Stainless steel gas pull springs

Stainless steel gas pull springs form an important part of the wide gas spring offer of T-Technics. With our experience that exceeds thirty years we have meanwhile become experts in gas push and pull springs. We supply both directly from stock and according to specific client needs. Please visit our convenient website and read all about this or alternatively read our complete documentation on gas springs here.

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Stainless steel gas pull springs

Our stainless steel gas pull springs are now also available with end position damping. T-Technics listens to its customers and when there is a demand from the market then we gladly try to meet this. All our stainless steel 316 gas pull springs have seawater resistant bronze guiding parts and end pieces. Standing still is moving backwards. We therefore continue to develop and improve our products. Please take a look here for the latest in gas springs. The piston rods of our stainless steel gas pull springs are hard chrome plated and the cylinder tube is made of polished stainless steel. The gas springs are available with a charge valve. This enables (depending on the type) increasing or reducing the extension force at a later stage. Yet T-Technics offers more:

  • To protect the piston rod, special protection tubes are available
  • Security tubes avoid damage from unintentional compressing
  • Tandem housings increase the stroke without changing the length in pushed-in position

Visit T-Technics in Hengelo, the Netherlands for stainless steel gas pull springs. You can find us here. Visit our website now. For further information with regard to, for example, the choice of the correct gas spring you can contact us. We are gladly at your service. The moment we receive your message we will contact you as soon as possible.

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