Gas push springs

Because of their many fields of application gas push springs are the most commonly used gas springs. These are of course available from T-Technics, the pre-eminent gas spring specialist. With thirty years of experience, we supply a wide assortment of gas springs. Something for everybody. We have listed all the possibilities on our website. Please view online at your leisure how we can be of service to you.

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Gas push springs

Our gas push springs vary in force from 25 up to as many as 17,500 newtons. Besides our own tailored gas springs we are also proud to be the sole representative for Airax gas springs in the Benelux countries. Airax is one of the largest gas spring manufacturers and is the preferred supplier for various leading European car manufacturers.

Thanks to our own production facilities we are extremely flexible when it comes to custom-made products for our customers. Do you want to know about what we can offer you with regard to gas push springs? Please download our complete documentation on gas springs here. Or have a look at our specials. You will be amazed of the possibilities. How about, for example:

  • Mechanically blockable gas push springs
  • Portable gas spring testing device
  • Gas spring balance system with charging valve
  • Height adjustable and miniature hydraulic systems

T-Technics in Hengelo, the Netherlands is the very address for gas push springs. You can find us here. We offer you any conceivable information about these gas springs and related products. Please take a look at our website at your leisure. Do you have any remaining questions? Then please do not hesitate to contact us now; we are happy to advise you. Our employees are at your service.

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