Gas pull springs

Gas pull springs are widely applied. Of course, you obtain these from a supplier with a very extensive range of gas springs: T-Technics in Hengelo, the Netherlands. Not only do we supply quality products, we also produce them ourselves. We have clearly and conveniently presented our product offer on our website. By all means take a look.

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Gas pull springs

Did you know that the nitrogen gas in our gas springs naturally occurs in our atmosphere?  Any possible loss of pressure after the guaranteed service life is therefore entirely harmless to the environment. The gas springs themselves are made of steel and thus easy to recycle. The environment is not easily put off its stroke by T-Technics gas pull springs.

Our standard gas pull springs can be recharged by us so that the extension force can later be adjusted. Our gas springs are suitable for use in temperatures ranging from thirty degrees Celsius below zero to eighty degrees above. If desired, a lower or higher work environment is even possible. T-Technics delivers custom-made gas springs. How about:

Besides the highly reliable gas pull springs, T-Technics also supplies a vast range of first-rate gas springs. For questions or expert advice, for example, on the storage or the choice of the right gas spring you can always turn to us. We will gladly be of assistance. Please contact us now. The moment we receive your message you will get a reply as soon as possible.

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