You can find clevises at T-Technics in Hengelo, the Netherlands. We offer various types of clevises. Furthermore we are the manufacturer of gas springs and small hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Please find a categorised overview of our extensive range on our website and discover all that we have available.

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T-Technics has established its reputation with gas springs. As a specialist in gas springs we naturally also supply a wide range of fittings. Clevises certainly form a part of this. Clevises are used where there is a high pressure and or force on the connecting parts. These can absorb high push and pull forces and are available as clip or stud. Just an example from our clevis collection:

Besides steel clevises we also offer plastic clevises and rod ends. These are highly suitable as a mounting method for, for example, stainless steel gas pressure and gas traction springs. These are truly quick and easy mounting materials. Moreover they are corrosion and pollution proof. Also enquire about our ball joints and mounting eyelets. It is well worth its while.

You as a customer have all our attention. Service, quality and reliability are very important to us. We deliver almost everything from stock and at very short delivery times. Do you wish to know which is the most suitable clevis for you? We can assure you expert advice. Buy your clevises from T-Technics. Contact us now. We will gladly be of assistance.

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