Ball joints

Ball joints need to be reliable and therefore require a reliable supplier. Choose for T-Technics in Hengelo, the Netherlands. Thanks to more than thirty years of experience and our focus on customers we can offer you the right product for the right application. Our ball joints have already found their bearings among many customers. Convince yourself. Visit our website and read all about it.

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Ball joints

We have various types of ball joints available that form an ideal combination with, for example, our collection of gas springs. All ball joints are also available in left hand thread. A small selection from our extensive range:

T-Technics has a reputation to uphold when it comes to ball joints. A guaranteed fast delivery, custom work according to customer specifications and an extensive range contribute to our success. Of course we continue to move forward. Please visit our website regularly to stay up to date with our latest developments in the field of fittings.

We are the preferred supplier when it comes to high-quality ball joints. Of course you can also go to T-Technics for, for example, gas springs. Please contact us now for personal and expert advice. We are always at your service. You can also send us an email. Our email address is The moment we receive your message, we will reply as soon as possible.

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